Selling Property in Spain

Sell Property in Spain Services

Do you want to sell your property in Spain? You will require legal assistance if you wish to sell your property without facing any legal issues at the moment of sale and in the future. 

As your Spanish lawyers, we will ensure that before your sell the property you have duly paid all the taxes that are related to that property. This will safeguard you from being liable for any claims in the future. Our lawyer also ensures that you don’t end up paying any extra taxes against the property that you are about to sell. The right advice can help you save your money!

We can also arrange for a power of attorney to sell the property on your behalf if for unavoidable circumstances you are unable to oversee the sale of your Spanish property.

We have a team of experienced property lawyers, across Spain, who can provide you with advice and services for the sale of your property. There won’t be any language barriers when you hire our lawyers because they are fluent in not just Spanish but English too. 

Some services we can offer you include:

  • Exchange contracts for the sale of Spanish property
  • Advice for capital gains tax
  • Apply for Spanish capital gains tax rebates
  • Review of Spanish property documents prior to placing an advertisement for the sale of your property
  • Power of attorney
  • Arrange valuations
  • Make Spanish property reservation contract
  • Complete the sale procedure by attending the notary’s office 

We will review all your property documents and guide you through the selling process of your property. Our lawyers will also take care of the various inquiries made by the buyer. We will also take care of any legal problems that may arise, related to the property that you intend to sell. You can get in touch with us for the smooth selling of your property in Spain. Call us on the details below to seek advice from the best property lawyers in Spain.

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