Spanish Divorce Lawyers

Spanish Divorce Lawyers 

Divorce is unpleasant but when families go through one, several legal matters need to be taken care of. Here are some situations that arise in divorce that our lawyers will assist you with:

Separation and Divorce 

People that are unhappy in their marriage life can petition for a separation or divorce. Individuals cannot marry again unless they have been granted a divorce from the court. 

Prenuptial Agreement

Almost all couples these days get a prenuptial agreement drafted before their wedding to safeguard their finances. We will help you draft a prenuptial agreement to protect your matrimonial assets.

Overseas Divorce

International marriages are common and if you are married to someone who has assets, abroad or you have to deal with overseas laws then we will help you and advise you on how to ensure foreign legal proceedings. 

Civil Partnerships 

The matrimonial law of Spain states that you must be registered as a non-married couple to be able to prevent problematic situations in the future when staying with your partner. 

Jointly Held Spanish Assets 

Our lawyers can also assist you with change or transfer of ownership of various assets during the separation. If required by your case, we can also help you in enforcing freezing orders issued by international courts.

Children and their Custody 

Parents are often unable to decide about the custody of children when they go their separate ways. Children are also sent to other countries without the consent of the other parent. We can help you make the best decision about your child/children’s custody and if required we can help them get back to the country, legally. 

Get in touch with us to provide you with services for all types of legal issues concerning divorce and family matters in Spain. Contact us on our details mentioned below. 

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