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Non lucrative visa in Spain

If you're interested in living in Spain without a work or economic purpose, the non-lucrative residence visa option may be the best alternative for you. As lawyers specialized in this type of process, we offer you our experience and knowledge to advise you on every step of the process, including its renewal.

Specialist Lawyer in Non-Lucrative Residency

The non-lucrative residence visa is a residency authorization granted to foreigners who wish to reside in Spain without the need to work or carry out economic activities. Non lucrative visa in SpainThis visa is ideal for retirees, students, or individuals who have sufficient income to live in Spain without needing to work.

To obtain the non-lucrative residence permit in Spain, certain requirements must be met, such as demonstrating that you have sufficient economic resources to cover your living expenses and those of your family, and that you have public or private health insurance. You must also present a criminal record and demonstrate that you do not represent a threat to the security or public order in Spain.

We Advise You Step by Step to Obtain the Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

Our team of lawyers specialized in non-lucrative residence is highly trained to help you throughout the process of applying for this visa. We advise you on the collection of necessary documents, their translation and legalization, facilitating the processing of the application before the Spanish authorities.

Specialist Lawyer in Non-Lucrative ResidencyOnce the visa has been obtained, we can also help you renew your non-lucrative residence in Spain. It is important to note that this renewal must be done before the visa expires, and it is necessary to demonstrate that the requirements established for obtaining the non-lucrative residence are still met.

If you want a personalized and professional service, our team of lawyers specialized in non-lucrative residency is at your disposal to advise you on every step of the process. Contact us for more information and to start planning your new life in Spain.


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What is a non-lucrative visa?

The non-lucrative visa allows a person who does not reside in one of the EU countries to live in Spain without the need to carry out any work activity, living off their own means.

How to obtain a non-lucrative visa in Spain?

To obtain a non-lucrative visa, it is necessary to make an application at the consulate or embassy of Spain from the country of origin. The response to the application may take up to 3 months.

What documents are required to obtain a non-lucrative visa?

The documents required for obtaining a non-lucrative visa are:

  • National visa application.
  • A form for the non-lucrative residence application in Spain.
  • A recent photograph.
  • A valid passport.
  • Evidence of economic means.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Proof of residence at the national border.
  • Payment of fees.

Advantages and Benefits of the Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

The benefits of the non-lucrative residence visa are:

  • Ability to make the initial request as a family.
  • Possibility of applying for Spanish nationality.
  • Possibility of studying at a school or university.
  • Freedom to travel to EU countries.
  • Possibility of renewal for 2 years.

We also help with the renewal of the non-profit visa

The advantages of the renewal of the non-lucrative visa are:

  • Ability to use your last months to look for work, as you have the authorization to reside in the country.
  • Authorization to extend your stay in Spain to 2 years.
  • Ability to register as self-employed.
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