Rental License in Spain

How to Apply for Holiday and Rental License on Spain 

All properties intended to be used for holiday rentals require a license including villas, apartments, chalets, studio apartments, bungalows, etc. Properties that are rent out for more than one or two months do not need a license – they are to be taken as landlord and tenant and rules should be followed accordingly. 

Individuals applying for a license must follow Decree 92/2009 partially modified by Decree 75/2015. This rule lays out the requirements of the property to be used for holiday rental purposes – physical and technical.


Individuals holding a license must also have Public Liability Insurance for theft, accident, etc.

Income Declaration

All income obtained from the rental of holiday properties should be declared annually in the tax returns. You can get in touch with us for more information on this.

Company Registration

Individuals with more than five properties must register as a company to continue earning from holiday rentals.

Property Advertising

Individuals must display their license details whenever they advertise their holiday rental property. Any government administrative office can be approached to obtain a license. Here is the process to go about it:

  1. Get the necessary forms from a government administrative office
  2. Individuals should contact the local police and get a user ID and password so whenever someone rents the holiday premises, their details can be entered in the online database. 
  3. The property layout needs to be drawn by an architect and a Declaration of Second Occupation which is basically an administrative form certifying that the property satisfies the minimum requirements required in a house to stay.
  4. These documents should be sent by registered post to:


Registro del Servicio Territorial de Turismo

C/ Churruca, 29

03003 Alicante

It takes up to three months to process the request

  1. You must be ready with the below documents as you may be called by the Inspectors to cross-examine the details:
  • Title Deeds copy
  • First Occupation License
  • IBI or ImpuestosobreBienesInmuebles receipt which is tax paid by property owners
  • Police Registration of the property to be given for holiday rental

Rules and regulations are always changing and updating. To go about the correct procedure that is valid during the time you wish to apply for a license, you can approach us. Our lawyers are updated with all the holiday rental laws and will guide you to get your holiday license.

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