Register Land in Spain

The Spanish Land Registry 

What is the Spanish Land Registry?

The RegistroCaatastral or the Land Registry is an official database of Spain that contains a detailed list of owners holding properties throughout Spain. This database is regularly updated especially when the property is sold or bought. The Land Registry provides the owner with protection rights and evades any possibilities of the property being sold twice.

Every property has a separate file that contains precise details of the owner, the size and dimensions of the property, outstanding taxes or charges if any, ownership history, and more such similar details.

Ownership of Property in Land Registry 

Normally the person who appears in the Land Registry is considered to be the owner of the property. However, there are several situations where the person claiming to be the owner is not the person recorded in the Land Registry. There may be a possibility of fraud but there may also be some legal reasons. For instance, an individual who has inherited property doesn’t register their ownership probably because they want to sell their property and are waiting for a buyer.

Public Information from Land Registry in Spain 

The land in Spain is divided into Land Registry areas. There are several Registries in big cities that help in keeping the properties organized. In rural areas, the estates in smaller villages are registered at the Land Registry of the nearest big (important) village. If you wish to find out about a certain property you can do it legally through NOTA SIMPLE or NOTA EXTENSA. The former gives you a gist of the land details while the latter gives you detailed information about the land.

The information given is:

  • The name of the property owner
  • Location of the property along with surface and boundaries
  • Charges and encumbrances
  • Third-party right if any, that restricts the enjoyment of that property

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