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Inheritance of foreigners in Spain

In Spain, managing an inheritance can be a complicated process, especially if the deceased was a foreigner with assets in the country. In these cases, it is necessary to have specialized inheritance lawyers for foreigners who can help manage the process efficiently and effectively. At our law firm, we are experts in managing inheritances of foreigners with assets in Spain.

We take care of all the necessary procedures to carry out the acceptance of the inheritance and the distribution of assets among the heirs.

Experts in managing inheritances of foreigners with assets in Spain

Our team of lawyers specialized in inheritance for foreigners has extensive experience in the field of succession law, allowing us to offer a highly specialized service adapted to the needs of each client.

Among the services we offer, we highlight the preparation of inventories of assets, the management of taxes and fees related to the inheritance, the drafting of wills, and advice on everything related to estate planning and succession.

In addition, we understand that managing an inheritance can be an emotionally complicated process for heirs. For this reason, we offer personalized and close treatment to each of our clients, accompanying them at all times and advising them on every step of the process.

We are lawyers specialized in inheritance for foreigners

If you are a foreigner and need to manage an inheritance in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our team of lawyers specialized in inheritance for foreigners. We offer an integral and adapted service to your needs, so that you can manage your inheritance effectively and without worries.


What law applies to the inheritance of a foreigner residing in Spain?

The law that will apply to a foreigner who has died in Spain will correspond to the one that applies in their place of origin at the time of their death.

How does inheritance law apply to foreigners with assets in Spain?

Inheritance law is applied through the Civil Code and the Law on Inheritance Tax for both nationals and foreigners in Spanish territory.

What should a foreign will in Spain be like?

The will must comply with the law of the country of origin, or the country where the person currently resides. At the time the heirs claim the inheritance, they must adhere to the laws of Spain.

In the case where a foreign person needs to claim an inheritance in Spain

As stipulated in the Civil Code, all people have the right to accept or reject an inheritance, regardless of the country they reside in at that time.

Consult with a legal advisor specialized in foreign inheritances in Spain

Consuelo Hernández is committed in every phase of the succession process so that clients can carry out procedures quickly and effectively. All the information you need can be found on their website.

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