Obtaining NIE Number

If you are a foreigner and need to establish yourself in Spain, you will likely need to apply for a foreigner identity number (NIE). This number is essential for any procedure in Spain, from opening a bank account to obtaining a job contract. In this regard, having the advice and support of lawyers specialized in immigration is essential to obtain the NIE in Spain quickly and easily.

Request for foreign identification number NIE

The application for the NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) is a mandatory procedure for all foreign citizens who wish to reside or work in Spain for a period exceeding 3 months. This number is assigned through a certificate issued by the Directorate General of Police and is essential for any procedure in Spain.

Our team of lawyers to obtain the NIE has extensive experience in advising and processing NIE applications for foreigners. From obtaining the necessary documents to submitting the application, our team of lawyers specialized in immigration will be at your disposal to facilitate the process.

Quick and easy obtainment of NIE number in Spain

At our law firm to obtain the NIE in Spain, we ensure that the NIE application process is fast and simple for our clients. Our team of lawyers for foreigners has a deep knowledge of the immigration system in Spain and is aware of any changes in legislation that may affect NIE application processes.

To obtain the NIE in Spain, it is necessary to follow a series of steps and requirements that may vary depending on each applicant's personal situation. In this regard, our team of specialist lawyers in immigration is responsible for conducting a detailed analysis of each case to offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client.

Having the support of lawyers to obtain the NIE is the best option to guarantee a fast and easy application process. If you need to apply for a foreigner identity number in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our law firm specialized in immigration. At Lawrentco, we offer a quality service based on experience and knowledge of the immigration system in Spain, achieving your identification quickly and efficiently.

What is the NIE?

The foreigner identity number (NIE) consists of assigning a specific number to a foreign person to be identified by Spanish administrations.

Types of NIE:

We can differentiate between two types of NIE: NIE for residents and NIE for non-residents.

NIE for residents

This type of NIE is aimed at people who reside in any of the European Union countries. Although these citizens can stay in Spain without problems, they must have this document to carry out procedures.

NIE for non-residents

The NIE for non-residents is intended for those citizens who do not belong to the European Union and who wish to live in Spain for at least 3 months and for citizens of a member country who wish to live in our country for a shorter period.

What is the difference between NIE and TIE?

The difference between these two concepts is that the TIE certifies that a foreign person resides legally in our country. On the other hand, the NIE is an identifying number with which to carry out administrative procedures.

How can a lawyer obtain my NIE?

A lawyer can obtain your NIE quickly and easily once the notarial power is granted.

How to get your NIE in Spain?

To obtain the NIE in Spain, the interested party must fill out the online NIE application form in Spanish. In addition, before visiting any office, an appointment must be made, a process that can take between 1 and 3 weeks of waiting.

What documents are needed to get the NIE?

To obtain the NIE in Spain, the interested party must submit the NIE application form, original and copy of their passport or identity document, and the reasons for the application.

Tips for successfully obtaining the NIE

Some tips for successfully obtaining the NIE are: being patient with Spanish bureaucracy, being assertive, anticipating possible interruptions, and trusting a professional team of immigration lawyers.

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